Tumor Larynx

What is tumor larynx?

Larynx is a voice box begins at the back of the throat and extends down which is carrying air from the nose and mouth to the trachea and then into the lungs. Other than that, a common benign tumor of the larynx is laryngeal papillomatosis. This condition is caused by the human papillomavirus. Most of the larynx tumor cases are found in children.

What are risk factors of Larynx Tumor?

There are several risk factor of larynx tumor:

    • Age

Larynx tumor is normally is usually detected in people of African descent than among Caucasians.

    • Alcohol

This is double risk of larynx tumor for those heavy drinkers. Second-hand smoke is also considered a hazard.

    • Gender

Larynx tumor is more common in men rather than women.

    • Human Papillomavirus( HPV)

The virus that can cause genital warts can also develop into certain tumor. Other than that, mother may pass the virus on to their children when they are born.

    • Poor nutrition

Many people with alcohol have poor nutrition habits.

    • Race

Larynx tumor is found twice as often among people of African descent than among caucassians.

    • Smoking

The risk of larynx tumor increases up to 30 times for smokers. The heavier the person smokes, the higher the risk. Other than that, second-hand smoke is also considered a hazard.

    • Toxic exposure

These risk factors include being exposed to wood dust, asbestos, or many types of chemicals that can increase the chances of tumor.

    • Weakened immune system

The people who have AIDS or medications has a weak immune systems are more susceptible to larynx tumor.

    • Voice overuse

People who use their voice a lot, such as singers, may develop polyps(lumps of tissue) that can become tumor if not removed.


What is Larynx tumor symptom?

Different tumors have different signs. The majority of the larynx tumor patients will feel pain near larynx and uncomfortable. Here is another symptom of larynx tumor:

  • Chronic coughing
  • Difficulty or pain with swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Ear pain
  • Hoarseness
  • Rough or scratchy voice
  • Sensation of a lump in the throat
  • Voice weakness and strain
What is Larynx Tumor treatment?

Tumor is a disease that gets worse at the present time. There are various treatments available for patients with tumors such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. However, these treatments have side effects in the long run. On it, there are some traditional treatments to treat this tumor patients that acupuncture and herbal use. Acupuncture is the treatment of hereditary china long time ago. Effectiveness cannot be denied. Acupuncture treatment usually accompanied by the use of herbs (herbs meal). There is a well-known acupuncture center of The Tole acupuncture. Said the treatment center is good news to customers.


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